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Appeal a ban

Throughout the Voobly policies, you probably noticed statements regarding “abuse can result in immediate termination of your account” or some other variation of the same idea.

We do not like to remove players, but as the facilitators of, it is our responsibility to ensure that all Voobly players abide by the Code of Conduct of Users who intentionally violate the Code of Conduct are subsequently removed.

If you feel, that you have been banned unfairly or would like to report abuse, please click the button below to visit our Ban Appeal section.

Go to Report Abuse section

Strike Policy

For the majority of abuse cases of Voobly players, the player in question will be notified that they have been given a “strike” or warning. We feel this is the best thing to do given that at times, players break the CoC because they did not clearly understand the rules, and we feel that these players deserve a second chance. If a certain number of strikes accrue within a certain amount of time, then the player will be removed. After a set amount of time of good behavior, strikes will be removed from the player’s account. This process applies to actions on and services as well. Member Pluses and player nicks will also be subject to this process.

Of course, certain infractions will still result in an immediate removal of an user’s account. These infractions include:

  • Violence, bigotry, racism, hatred, or excessive profanity. does not tolerate racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs.
  • Threatening or harassing tournament hosts, Member Pluses, Community Managers, and employees.
  • Destructive software / cheating for the use of scrolling, showing multiple screens, and other activities that can be disruptive to online communication.
  • Locking or stalling a player’s game.
  • Usage of accounts that that have been transferred, either through gift or sale, or passwords that have been made available to others.
  • Filing complaints that do not report any of the offenses listed in this document or filing false complaints that have no truth or validity.
  • Tool Usage of Member Pluses while the game is in progress. This rule won’t apply, if the game is part of a tournament and played in a tournament lobby, where the tournament host has decided to end the game.

Notification on Voobly Client

Notification on Voobly Web Site

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