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Configure Windows Defender

Windows Defender may slow down your game on Voobly, therefore it is required to add a scan exception in Windows Defender. In order to do this, click the Windows Security Shield icon in the taskbar corner next to the system clock to open the Windows Security Center.

Click Virus & Threat Protection.

Click Manage Settings under Virus & Threat Protection.

Click Add or Remove Exclusions under Exclusions.

Click Add an Exclusion > Process.

Now add the file name of the game you are playing on Voobly, including the Voobly Client itself, one by one.

  • voobly.exe
  • age2_x1.exe
  • empires.exe
  • aomnocd.exe
  • aomxnocd.exe

You are done, when your exclusions are listed as shown in the screenshot below.

Change Management

Version Date Created Author Description
1.0 12th August 2015 [email protected] Initial Release
1.1 12th December 2015 [email protected] Windows 10 1511
1.2 4th August 2016 [email protected] Windows 10 1607
1.3 3rd October 2017 [email protected] Windows 10 1709
1.4 28th October 2018 [email protected] Windows 10 1809
1.5 1st November 2019 [email protected] Windows 10 1909
1.6 21th December 2020 [email protected] Windows 10 20H2
1.7 8th June 2021 [email protected] Windows 10 21H1
1.8 14th November 2021 [email protected] Windows 10 21H2
1.9 15th July 2022 [email protected] Windows 11 21H2

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