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Error 1000000x or 5000000x

In order to troubleshoot these error codes you must verify the following conditions.

You are randomly getting any of these error codes

This is most likely a temporary connection issue or dropped network traffic caused by a firewall; please post at the technical support forums.

Voobly Technical Help Forums

Possible behavior:

  • You cannot connect at all to both, Voobly client and Voobly messenger.
  • You can connect to both, Voobly client and Voobly messenger, but the connection keeps dropping.
  • You can connect to Voobly messenger, but Voobly client refuses to load.
  • You are connected to Voobly client, but Voobly messenger keeps disconnecting.

You are getting “Error: Account is locked” message on Voobly messenger

Your account was disabled, please create a new thread at the ban appeal forums, a Voobly administrator will deal with your issue shortly

How to appeal a ban

You are getting “You have been disconnected …” message on Voobly client

If you are getting this error message after being booted by a Member Plus, please create a new thread at the report abuse forums. We will be dealing with your issue shortly.

How to appeal a ban

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1.4 21th August 2017 [email protected] CoC Changes

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