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Solve Fast Proxy and Connectivity issues

  1. Check your Windows Firewall to see if you’ve allowed Voobly through it. If you do not see an inbound rule for Voobly, create one with full access.
  2. If your anti-virus also has some sort of firewall, make sure to have access through it.
  3. Check to see whether your port is set to 16000 in the NAT Traversal section of Voobly by going to Settings → NAT Traversal → Port (UDP) and setting it to 16000.
  4. Check to see whether you have not disabled direct connections by going to Settings → NAT Traversal → and make sure the Disable direct connections box is not checked.
  5. If you use a router to connect to the internet, forwarding port 16000 UDP is needed. To find the log-in information of your router, check here:
  6. Follow the steps shown under the Age of Empires II category but when it gets to the port step, you only need Port 16000 with protocol UDP.

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