muteday (/muteday username reason)

The other disciplinary command Level 4 Member Pluses posses is the /muteday command. The /muteday command works much like the other mute and boot commands in that you need to enter a username after typing the command, but you will also need to provide a reason.

e.g. /muteday Bill repeated flooding

By typing that in, you will have muted a user named Bill for a day because of repeated flooding. This will still allow Bill to play games on Voobly, and he will still be allowed to use Voobly messenger, however he will not be able to say anything in any lobby on Voobly for one day.

As for entering in the command line the reason why Bill was muted for a day, this is purely to ensure that people who are muted for a day deserved to be and to further ensure that this privilege is not abused. As you recall, any abuse of Member Plus privileges is grounds for the revocation of your Member Plus status.

As indicated by the example, situations that would warrant the /muteday command would be for excessive flooding, excessive use of profanities, abuse, and excessive language in violation of Voobly’s Code of Conduct. For more information on day command reasons, refer to that section of the orientation materials.

The /muteday privilege should only be used when previous options such as your Voice and /mute5 have been exhausted. Remember — try to “Save the player” with your Voice before utilizing any other privileges. Use of the muteday privilege when no violation of the Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Use is present, will be considered an unwarranted use of this privilege, and thus considered to be an abuse of Member Plus privileges. Any abuse of this privilege, or any others associated with the Member Plus program, is grounds for the revocation of your Member Plus status.