Member Plus Orientation: Introduction and Voice

Welcome to the most exciting community program available on the web today. By becoming a Member Plus, you have chosen to help make Voobly an even more enjoyable place to play online games. As a Member Plus, you will have privileges on Voobly in addition to being recognized in lobbies to help make Voobly a better place. Your fellow Voobly player will recognize you as a “go to” person when they have questions and concerns. You will have the opportunity to help contribute to the Voobly community and help make it a fun place for everyone. Member Pluses are “the voice” of Voobly’s community and through their participation, they make a visit to Voobly a phenomenal and unique experience.

The Member Plus program our way of recognizing you, the active community members that make up the heart and soul of this thriving gaming community. Member Pluses are able to help in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Create a positive environment in all Voobly chats
  • Help fellow users with everyday gaming and technical questions
  • Enrich their affiliated Committees (Member Plus committees tailored to specific areas of interest)
  • Assist Voobly players in finding the information they need
  • Encourage others to have as much fun as they possibly can by setting positive community examples and by sharing their dynamic personalities with other Voobly members

The Member Plus program is designed and structured to allow you to find a richer experience online. Whether that means you find yourself assisting others in the Help Rooms, or if it is playing games with first time Voobly players, or something completely different, the choice is up to you!

Again, welcome to the best online team on the Web!


Here is a quick summary of what we will go over in this orientation.

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