Member Plus Organization

When you fill out the enrollment form, you will indicate one committee you are interested in affiliating with, based on your personal areas of interest on Voobly. The Member Plus program is sub-divided into committees to allow users to affiliate with areas where they would like to help. Each committee has a lead, and they are responsible for answering any questions that you may have about the Member Plus program. Below are the names of these groups and a brief description of each of them.

  • Game Specific Committee — This group helps their fellow players with actual game play. If you are a game wizard, or you just like helping folks with game play and strategy, this group is for you!

The Game Specific committee lead is [email protected]

  • Technical Support Committee — This group does not require much explanation. If you are a computer wizard and knowledgeable about technical issues associated with Voobly, or you want to learn more about technology and Voobly, you will enjoy this committee.

The Technical Support committee lead is [email protected]

  • Tournament Committee — These Member Pluses help to run user-created tournaments on Voobly. If you like to play in these tournaments and like meeting your fellow players, this group is for you!

The Tournament committee lead is [email protected]

While the committees are based on “subject areas” the committee that you belong to does not indicate what you choose to do on Voobly — that is for you to decide. Rather, the committee structure provides you with a consistent, primary resource for just about any issue. Regardless of the “subject area” of the issue, your lead can assist you with your question, comment or concern. Upon enrollment, Member Pluses are asked to affiliate with one committee to establish their primary point of contact.

Additional Authoritative Contacts

We encourage you to learn from other Member Pluses, however please remember that there are some issues which necessitate a Lead’s discretion and should not be shared with other Member Pluses. Such issues include, but are not necessarily limited to questions, comments or concerns about another Member Plus, tokens, or otherwise private, individual matters. Remember that you can always email [email protected] for additional assistance.

For other issues, perhaps relating to a ban, event or tournament, please direct those inquiries towards the appropriate individuals. Be sure to contact your lead as well as to keep them in the loop as to what is occurring: