kick (/kick username reason)

The boot command can be quite useful when dealing with users who are troublesome. Sometimes situations warrant that a user should be kicked from a particular room if they are violating Voobly’s Code of Conduct or the Terms of Service. If your Voice, repeated warnings, and all other Level Two and Level Three privileges are insufficient in handling a potential troublemaker, then you should use boot.

As expected, the format of this command is the same as all other commands. Just type the command followed by the username.

e.g. /kick Bill game description abuse

That command will boot a user named Bill from a particular room, however Bill will still be logged into Voobly. While this privilege is not always effective on players who are adamant about violating the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service, it is effective on players who are not overly malicious in their actions – and it is an effective way to show abusive users that we mean business!

The boot privilege is to be used only when all other attempts at using your other privileges such as Voice, mute, mute5, and mute60 have failed. The boot privilege is used for violations of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. Use of the boot privilege when no violation of Voobly’s of Conduct or Terms of Use is present, will be considered an unwarranted use of this privilege, and thus considered to be an abuse of Member Plus privileges. Any abuse of this privilege, or any others associated with the Member Plus program, is grounds for the revocation of your Member Plus status.