mute60 (/mute60 username reason)

As a Level 3 Member Plus, one of the enforcement privileges available is the /mute60 command. This command allows you to mute a particular user, Voobly-wide, for a period up to an hour. To use this command you would use it as any other force privilege.

e.g. /mute60 Bill

Issuing that command would prevent a user named Bill from talking in any of the lobbies of Voobly. Users who are muted could still use Voobly messenger, and muted users can still play games on Voobly.

The mute60 privilege is to be used only when all other attempts at using your Voice, or other mute commands have failed. The mute60 privilege is used for violations of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. Use of the mute60 privilege when no violation of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Use is present, will be considered an unwarranted use of this privilege, and thus considered to be an abuse of Member Plus privileges. Any abuse of this privilege, or any others associated with the Member Plus program, is grounds for the revocation of your Member Plus status.