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How to install Community Patch 1.6

Our Community Patch 1.6 is now part of the Voobly Mod Center and no longer requires an external installer to be downloaded and run on your computer. Same goes for updates which will be downloaded and installed automatically once you enter the client. The patch is divided into two packages, the patch itself and the visual mod (strictly speaking, Age of Empires II DE is just a visual mod) which is called Game Data. Both packages are mandatory and must be selected in your game room settings as explained in the How to Play section.

By default, the Game Data package doesn't contain any of the new graphics. This was made to avoid any confusion when playing, since most of our players are old-school player playing Age of Conquerors. If you haven't played AoE II DE before, you won't recognize DE most units or technologies in game.

Of course we also provide the Game Data package that supports the most recent DE graphics and textures. If you are already familiar with AoE II DE or even played AoE II DE on Steam, you may use the Game Data package below. Please keep in mind, that the original 1.6 Game Data package must be installed first, before installing this one.

In order to make it easier for us to troubleshoot any crashing issues, we have separated all DE destruction animations. If you still wish to use it, the following visual mod is available to be installed.

Below you find a list of all DE mods available in the Voobly Mod Center. Please keep in mind, that only the mods above are officially supported by the developers of Community Patch 1.6. We are however available to help, if you spot any errors. Please report them at the forums.

Available Mods

A compilation of links related to AOE 2 Definitive Edition (DE)

Game Data​

Game Patches​

Visual Mods​

Resources & Terrains​

Units & Buildings​

Useful Visual Mods​

Client Theme​

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