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Age of Empires II Community Patch 1.6

Community Patch v1.6 is the next iteration of the userpatches from Voobly. It adds new balance, new graphics, new maps and a lot more new features from AoE II Definitive Edition. It is a free-to-use mod available at the Voobly mod center.

This web site and project is run by the community playing on Voobly. We are not affiliated with Voobly, nor are we affiliated with the User Patch or the Wololo Kingdoms project. We are no Microsoft haters, but we hate their subsidiary company “XBox” for what they have done to the Zone community more than 15 years ago and doing the same to the Voobly community in 2019. You may read the full story here. If you are new to Voobly, learn how to play.
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