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boot5 (/boot5 username reason)

Sometimes a simple boot is not all that effective. Users, even after being booted, may come back into a room and continue to violate Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service.

In these more extreme situations, a boot5, or a boot from Voobly for five minutes, may be a more appropriate disciplinary measure. As always, prior to using the boot5 command, it is strongly recommended that you first try to use the other privileges you have available. Your Voice, by far, is the most powerful privilege you have and it will help curb a great deal of anger and frustration from users who might believe they were unjustly booted from Voobly.

To utilize the boot5 command, keep the same format as the simple boot command. Type in the command, followed by the user name you wish to remove.

e.g. /boot5 Bill

This command will remove Bill from the entire Voobly site for a total of five minutes, after which time, Bill can again access Voobly. Again, abuse of this privilege will result in revocation of your Member Plus status.

The boot5 privilege is to be used only when all other attempts at using your other privileges such as Voice, mute, mute5, mute60, and boot have failed. The boot5 privilege is used for violations of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. Use of the boot5 privilege when no violation of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Use is present, will be considered an unwarranted use of this privilege, and thus considered to be an abuse of Member Plus privileges. Any abuse of this privilege, or any others associated with the Member Plus program, is grounds for the revocation of your Member Plus status.
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