Changelog since version 111

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Version 111 (24/12/2020):
  • First version installable by owning AoE II DE.
Version 113 (25/12/2020):
  • Added functionality where techs disapear when you click them, something not possible with the queue functionality.
Version 115 (27/12/2020):
  • Fixed a crash related to the auto reseeding farms functionality.
  • Added color changing overlay.
  • Fixed a bug where rams didn’t have the unload icon.
Version 117 (31/12/2020):
  • Hotkeys for technologies on Town Center, University, Blacksmith and Monastery.
  • Added an AI that can play the new civilizations.
  • Fixed a bug where icons were all messed up when not using “Regional Monks”.
  • Fixed a bug where the trebuchet icon disapeared when clicking it.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the use of population space by konniks.
  • Added DE graphics for the bushes, thanks to GorLeon.
Version 121 (29/01/2021):
  • Added balance changes as of patch 44725. New civilizations not yet implemented.
  • Simplified the code that gives rams to Cumans in Feudal Age. This seems to also help the AI upgrade them.
  • Fixed a bug that made Cumans unable to research Siege Ram if they had researched Capped Ram in Castle Age.
  • Fixed a bug where Bulgarians weren’t getting the full discount in the Blacksmith technologies.
  • Fixed a bug where Burmese weren’t getting the discount in the Monastery technologies.
  • Fixed a bug where Italians weren’t getting the discount in the Dock technologies.
  • Fixed a bug where Vietnamese weren’t getting the discount on wheelbarrow and handcart.
  • Fixed a bug where Teutons were getting the extra armor in Dark Age.
  • Lithuanians relic bonus works as in Definitive Edition.
  • Keshiks now generate gold when attacking.
  • Added hotkey for “Go to Krepost”.
  • Fixed a bug with the generation of relics in DE_Arena.
  • Made all DE graphics optional during installation.
  • Added DE Trees, normal and small.
  • Added Allied Vision versions of Arabia, Oasis, Cross, Gold Rush, Team Acropolis, Nomad, Land Nomad, Black Forest, Black Forest Lord and Forest Prison.
  • Added Fixed Position versions of Arabia, Oasis, Cross, Gold Rush and Team Acropolis.
Version 122 (31/01/2021):
  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash when using Keshiks. We didn’t find it earlier as it only happens on multiplayer and we do the test in single player mode.
Version 130 (24/04/2021):
  • Fixed a bug that made Mayans unable to research El Dorado if before they had researched Hul’che Javelineers.
  • Added an implementation to have Hun Atheism make enemies relics work worse.
  • Added Definitive Edition soundtrack and civilizations themes that play at the begining of the match.
  • Khmers can now research Hussar.
  • Added new single player menu.
From this point, versions reffer to Community Patch v1.6 but also apply to Wololo Kingdoms DE.
Version 1.0 (12/08/2021):
  • Added balance changes of patch 47820.
  • Added balance changes of patch 50292.
  • Migrated to Comunity patch v1.6.
  • The help overlay now allows restarting matches without having to relaunch the game.
  • Added new loading screens and logos.
  • Added Definitive Edition architecture for all civilizations.
  • Added Definitive Edition unit graphics.
  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash when researching Huns Marauders.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Krepost be convertible.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Cannon Galleon tech (now obsolete) remain when the elite version was researched.
  • Fixed a legacy bug that made secondary proyectiles of Organ Guns deal 1000 damage to herdables.
  • Added easter eggs.
  • Added a new map: Big Freeze.
Version 1.1 (27/08/2021):
  • Added balance changes of patch 51737.
  • Added a new map: Glade.
  • Added a new map: Gold Volcano (Eruption).
Version 1.2 (27/09/2021):
  • Fixed a bug where Incas could not research Siege Ram.
  • Fixed some outdated descriptions of tech trees.
  • Added support for CBA scenarios.
Version 1.3 (06/10/2021);
  • Added balance changes of patch 54480.
  • Fixed a bug where Turks couldn’t research bombard tower.
  • Fixed a bug where Burmese could research leather archer armor although it had no effect.
Version 1.4 (3-11-2021):
  • Modified Chinese, Mayans and Incas so that they don’t generate additional units in the town center when playing Empire Wars.
  • Modified the way First crusade works so that it works on Empire Wars.
  • Fixed a bug where certain AIs would only build farms when playing with Poles.
  • Fixed several outdated descriptions in the language files.
  • Added support for Bohemians and Poles on the DE AI, still, it should perform suboptimal with them.
Version 1.5 (19-11-2021):
  • Added balance changes of patch 56005.
  • Modified the resource bar and added a new overlay with very good performance.
  • Added an initial implementation of the Handicap mode that will be improved over time.
  • Added DE icons for technologies and buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where villagers took too many hits to kill herdables.
Version 1.6.1 (23-12-2021):
  • Created Black Forest Maps with fixed positions.
  • Fixed a bug where Malay’s Harbor could not be built once Bracer was researched.
  • Fixed a bug where the Indian monk was invisible.
  • Added different skins to the trade carts depending on the continent the civilization is from.
  • Added main menu music from Definitive Edition.
  • Added command icons from Definitive Edition.
  • Added cliff graphics from Definitive Edition.
Version 1.6.2 (3-1-2022):
  • Modified the implementation of the fishermen so that no technology is needed.
  • Reduced the units and architecture graphics to reduce the overall size of the mod.
  • Separated the music into a different mod to reduce the overall size of the mod.
Version 1.7 (30-1-2022):
  • Fixed a bug where the Szlachta privileges icon didn’t disappear after research.
  • Fixed a bug where, after Flemish revolution, repairers would spontaneously turn into Flemish militias.
Version 1.8 (4/3/2022):
  • Added longer lasting resources on the Handicap mode, following patch 58259.
  • Set some graphical options of the patch to the less demanding by default to help runing on every computer.
  • Fixed an error where Malian monks became invisible in certain positions.
  • Modified the map Nomad to have more fish.
Version 1.9 (16/05/2022):
  • Added new balance changes, following patch 61321.
  • Modified Indians to be the Hindustanis, following patch 61321.
  • Bengalis, Dravidians and Gurjaras NOT YET implemented.
  • Poles farms are now affected by the Folwark, as in Definitive Edition.
Version 2.0 (18/07/2022):
  • Implemented Dravidians.
  • Implemented Bengalis.
  • Modified Caravanserai to also affect allies.
  • Fixed a bug where Portugese ages where researched 30% faster when they shouldn’t.
  • Tatar hill bonus finally implemented.
  • Keshiks now generate gold only when attacking units.
  • Coustillier charge attack implemented.
  • Introduced tech tree in the interface.
  • Introduced a feature in the Handicap mode to activate the effect at a speciffic age.
  • Fixed a bug where the Armored Elephant was unable to attack after researching Siege Engineers.
Version 2.1 (19/09/2022):
  • Added balance changes from patch 66692.
  • Fixed a bug where Magyars didn’t get Blast Furnace free.
  • Fixed a bug where the Elite Elephant Archer upgrade was visible to the wrong civilizations in Post-Imperial starts.
  • Fixed a bug in the sound of the dying Flaming Camel that could crash the game.
  • Fixed the interface files to accomodate the increasing number of new civilizations.
  • Fixed a bug where the cavalry armor upgrade and not the archer armor affected the melee ratha.
  • Fixed a bug where the Berserker and other health regenerating units where treated as heroes.
  • Fixed a bug where the scout wasn’t affected by the Sicilian bonus armor.
  • Ages can now be queued with other technologies and units.
  • Created the Common map section.
Version 2.2 (24/10/2022):
  • Fixed a bug where Poles villagers where treated as heroes.
  • Queuable ages are disabled for the time being.
  • The Common Arabia map now supports Death Match.
  • Improved the AI to use the new civilizations.
  • Added new maps in the Custom section.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not spectate in some situations.
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