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If you look at the list of new features and units in the v1.6 Game Data mod, you’ll see a lot of units and buildings labeled as “TO DO”. Most of the stuff we have added so far has been focused on random maps and the new civilizations. Alongside with that, Definitive Edition added new hero units and special buildings that you only encounter in scenarios. Similarly, we have added new graphics for normal units and buildings but there are some animals and other decorative elements of random maps that still use the old graphics.

With all the information explained in this guide, you should be able to add some of these units or graphics to the mod. Here I’m going to explain the process you need to do to make sure we can incorporate it to the mod. For doubts or submissions, contact us through the Voobly pages.

New graphics​

New graphics are easy to do, just create the new slp, give it the number displayed in AGE and send it to us, explaining which unit it is so that we can test it. If everything works fine, we’ll add it.

New units​

This one is more complex since you can not merge two .dat files easily. If you want to add new units to the mod, here is what to do:
  1. Make a copy of the .dat file to edit it.
  2. Modify the .dat file and add the new unit and create its graphics.
  3. Send me the .dat file specifying which ID numbers you have created (unit and graphics) and which unit in the .dat file from Definitive Edition it comes from so that I can check it.
  4. If everything is correct, I’ll add your code to the main .dat file that I maintain.

New maps and AI​

Also easy to add. Once it works, just send it over and we’ll add it.


We mentioned it a bit in the introduction of the guide but it’s a very straightforward process. The file language.ini can be opened with Notepad and its lines are made of an integer number and a string of text. The game looks for the integer numbers in the file and displays the string. If you translate the strings in the language file, you have translated the game.
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