gamedesc (/gamedesc # text)

Unfortunately the command is not available at this time. In order to change a game room description or title, simply hold down the left CTRL on your keyboard and click on the button next to the game room, to view the table description The settings menu should now pop up and you will be able to edit the game room title or description.
This command is identical to the table command with the exception that this command changes the information “on” the table instead of the table name.

The functionality is similar to the table command as well, in that you will type the command, target, and desired text.

e.g. /gamedesc 5 my game

Once that command is issued, the information listed for game 5 will now read “my game.”

As you recall, any abuse of this privilege or any others associated with the Member Plus program, as defined by the Code of Conduct, can result in the revocation of your Member Plus status.
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