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Lobby Commands for Tournament Hosts

For those who don’t want to participate in the Member Plus program, we still want to offer the opportunity to help contribute to the Voobly community. As Tournament Host, you won’t be affiliated with the Member Plus program, but you will have access to most of our tournament tools in designated function rooms. You may also choose to award prizes, assign Streamers who broadcast your event or even start streaming yourself.
Before applying, please click “Back” in your browser and read the Become a Tournament Host page.

/msgbox username message​
/msgbox Bill Please join game #1.​
A grey pop-up box will appear on Bill’s screen saying “Please join game #1”. Bill will be required to click the "OK" button before proceeding.​
/warn username message​
/warn Bill Please stop trash-talking.​
A warning message will appear to Bill advising him that he is violating Voobly’s Code of Conduct saying “Please stop trash-talking”. Like the message command, it requires the user to click the “OK” button on the warning prior to performing other actions in the lobby.​
/welcome message​
/welcome Welcome to the […]​
All users entering the tournament lobby will see the set welcome message in the lobby chat.​
/mute5 username reason​
/mute5 Bill flooding​
Bill will be prevented from chatting in the main lobbies throughout Voobly for five minutes. However, this mute does not apply in game rooms.​
/gamekick username # reason​
/gamekick Bill 1 disqualified​
Bill will be kicked from game room 1. The command will close the game room 1 window on Bill’s screen. This command does not work if a game is already in progress. Only Member Pluses can kick players from game room during a game.​
/streamdisable username​
/streamdisable Bill​
Bill’s previously issued command “/streamlive on” will be reversed and then red stream icon next to Bill's name will be removed.​
/silence on/off​
/silence on
/silence off​
The lobby game room chat will be silenced and all players will be muted. Only tournament hosts and Member Pluses will be able to chat in the game lobby. This command is useful for announcing tournament rules.​
/switchhost username #​
/switchhost Bill 1​
Bill will become the new host in game room #1. This will only work if Bill is already present in game room #1. The command can also be used to become host of a game room you are currently in.​
/forcegame username #​
/forcegame Bill 1 tournament​
Bill will be forced into game room #1.​
/managed on/off​
/managed on
/managed off​
This will turn the lobby into a moderated room similar to the Member Plus Help Room. This command is useful for big events.​
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