msgbox (/msgbox username text)

This command sends a pop-up message to a user that only they can see. The user must also clear the message before they can do anything else in the lobby. Since you can create and personalize the message that appears in the grey pop-up box, this is an effective extension of your Voice as a Member Plus. Furthermore, it’s a great command to use considering it looks “official” and regular users do not have access to this privilege.

To issue a message to a user, just type in the command followed by the username, and then the specific message you wish to send to that user.

e.g. /msgbox Bill This is a Test

Once that command is issued, a grey pop-up box will appear on Bill’s screen saying “This is a Test.” Bill will then have to click the OK button in the box before continuing with whatever he was doing before. If this privilege is abused, according to what is outlined in the Code of Conduct, Member Plus privileges may be revoked.

Unlike Voobly messenger, this type of message CANNOT be ignored.
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