Mute VS Boot

From time to time there will be situations that require more than use of VOICE. While these should be few and far between, as VOICE is the most effective privilege on Voobly, there are some “Force” tools available to make Voobly a better place. These privileges are commonly referred to mute and boot.

A common question that the Voobly Community team fields is, “Which is better to use: A mute or a boot?” To be perfectly frank, one is not better than the other, however, boots should not be used unless all other privileges short of a boot have been tried and exhausted. The same can be said for mutes in that a mute should not be used unless VOICE is tried and exhausted. The reasoning behind this is to ensure consistency with one of the notion of respect for all players. Respect for an individual is manifested in VOICE – in taking time to explain to a user why certain behaviors are inappropriate for Voobly. Furthermore, having the progression from one privilege to another helps to ensure that all users are treated the same—that they are granted the same respect as someone else on Voobly, regardless of behavior. The Member Plus program is designed to make Voobly a fun place for all users, and the only way that could occur is if there is a mutual respect across the board.
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