mute5 (/mute5 username reason)

From time to time, you will encounter a user who is persistent in their violations of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. The user may have been muted repeatedly in one room and may have since realized that he/she can then talk in other rooms. When this occurs, a Voobly-wide mute for five minutes may be necessary. The mute5 command works just as the mute command, except the mute5 command mutes the user in ALL Voobly rooms.

The format of the mute5 privilege is the same as the mute privilege. Type the command followed by a specific user name:

e.g. /mute5 Bill flooding

By issuing that command, the user named Bill will be prevented from chatting in the main lobbies throughout Voobly. Bill will still be able to play games and chat in private, though he cannot chat publicly for five minutes.

The mute5 privilege is only to be used in situations where all prior privileges have failed. Almost all situations can be effectively diffused with use of VOICE, /mute or /mute5 in that order. The mute5 privilege is used for violations of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. Use of the mute5 privilege when no violation of Voobly’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Use is present, will be considered an unwarranted use of this privilege, and thus considered to be an abuse of Member Plus privileges. Any abuse of this privilege, or any others associated with the Member Plus program, can result in the revocation of your Member Plus status.
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