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Reasons for Day Privileges

When using day commands such as /muteday or /bootday, a reason needs to be entered in before the command will work. In order to create a uniform approach to use of day commands, here are sample reasons for issuing a day command.
  • Abuse of the Member Plus Help Room
  • If a day command is applied in either help room, and the initial inquiry was specific to a particular lobby, it is encouraged that the day command is also issued from the lobby in question by the user
  • Impersonation of a Member Plus or Voobly representative
  • Chat invasion–hack
  • Abuse of a user
  • Note that messages on Voobly messenger cannot be used in consideration of alleged abuse
  • Profanity flood
  • All other floods
  • Bad profiles
  • Advertisements
  • Bad nickname — only in cases where it is causing a disruption within a lobby
Failure to state a valid reason for use of a day command can be considered abuse of Member Plus privileges and can result in removal from the program.
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