"Select All" Hotkeys

The patch now includes several “select all” hotkeys, such as idle villagers, Town Centers, military buildings, etc.

The select all hotkeys are disabled by default for performance reasons. Activate them in the patch options.


The patch now includes hotkeys to select all units or buildings of a given type. The options are:
  • Select all idle villagers
  • Select all idle military
  • Select all idle trade carts
  • Select all Town Centers
  • Select all Barracks
  • Select all Archery Ranges
  • Select all Stables
  • Select all Siege Workshops
  • Select all Docks
  • Select all Markets
  • Select all Monasteries
  • Select all Castles
  • Select all Krepost
  • Select all Donjons
  • Select all military buildings
Bear in mind that the function that detects the hotkeys works properly if you have villagers working on any resource except for wood. This won’t be an issue in a normal game but keep it in mind if you are testing. If you don’t have villagers working, hotkeys are linked to the presence of the score and take longer to respond.

Modifying hotkeys​

If you want to set up your own “select all” hotkeys, bear in mind the following:
  • You must not have the same hotkey for different buildings, as this may produce odd behaviours and bugs. The only exception to this is the Donjon and Krepost, as in a normal game you can not build both.
  • Hotkeys that use the key Shift may conflict with “create five units” hotkeys.
If you have the global queue disabled, the patch won’t check if you introduce these errors.
Here is the process for configuring the hotkeys when you don’t have global queue:
  1. When you download the patch, the hotkeys will be disabled.
  2. Start the game in single player and go to the hotkey configuration menu inside the game. There you will see a section for “Select all”.
  3. Configure the hotkeys of your choice.
  4. Once you do that, the hotkeys you choose will be saved with the rest of them in the hki file located in the mod’s folder. This is different from the way the patch with global queue stores them.

Error with the hotkey binding​

We recomend that, when binding the select all hotkeys, you configure them ONE AT A TIME, going back to the game to check that they work. If the hotkey doesn’t seem to work, open and close again the hotkeys menu.

This is because you need to make sure the game saves the hotkeys file and changing several hotkeys at once may result in them not being properly saved. Every time you close the hotkeys menu, they are saved in the .hki file.
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