Something to keep in mind

While there are several privileges available to you to use as a Member Plus, they are there purely for you to enrich your experience online in the manner you see fit. Should you decide that you do not want to use them, that’s fine. Likewise, if you choose to use them, that’s fine too. The Member Plus program is here to help you find a richer, more fulfilling experience while online.

Please keep in mind though, should you choose to use the privileges available to you as a Member Plus, it is best that you adhere to the suggested uses below. Any abuse of Member Plus privileges may lead to the revocation of your Member Plus status.

Abuse of Member Plus privileges is defined as, but not limited to, unwarranted mutes or boots, flooding of /msgbox’es, removal of privileges that were not issued by you, or muting or booting another Member Plus. Muting or booting another Member Plus will result in immediate termination of your Member Plus Status. The frequency of the use of privileges (i.e. multiple mutes or boots in a given amount of time) may be considered an abuse of tools and can result in eventual removal from the program.
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