Step 2 – Register on MPHQ

Please login to MPHQ using your Username and Password. If you are new to MPHQ, you must register first. Furthermore, a valid email address is required to complete the account registration process.

Tournaments on Voobly are divided into two areas: (1) Member Plus-run tournaments and (2) user-run tournaments.

Member Plus tournaments are organized by Voobly Member Plus Tournament Committee affiliates. If you like to play, play whenever you log on to Voobly, then check out what our Member Pluses are up to! Voobly hosts many tournaments through the Member Plus program. These tournaments and events are generally associated with a complete set of rules that competitors must agree to before registering for a tournament or event. To find out how to become a Member Plus, visit our Member Plus FAQ Page.

User-run tournaments are tournaments managed by committed hosts. They exist simply to provide a fun, casual playing environment for the Voobly community. Voobly has dozens of these events every year.

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