welcome (/welcome text)

As a Level 2 Member Plus you will have the ability to set and remove /welcome in tournament lobbies.

Type the command followed by the desired welcome message:

e.g. /welcome Welcome to the […]

When such a command is issued, all users entering the tournament lobby will see the set welcome message.

The welcome command was given to hosts, so they could announce tournament rules and brackets they are currently hosting, not to announce a tournament that may be held in a couple of days or even a day away. Sometimes a host will post a cancel for the welcome message, if they didn’t have time to have the tournament cancelled, but they need to make sure, they get this removed asap, either by themselves or arrange for another host to do it for them. It’s acceptable for hosts to use the welcome message to announce, that the tournament is closed, sign-ups are open, etc.

All welcomes messages should be cleared by the host at the end of their tournament.
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