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What is a Member Plus?

Member Pluses are people who are available to help with problems on Voobly; problems may include harassment and offensive language. Member Pluses are identifiable in game rooms by the plus (+) sign next to their name. They are there to make sure Voobly is a fun place for people of all ages. Member Pluses have the authority to remove players from game rooms if deemed necessary. Voobly usually promotes new Member Pluses from the Most Valuable Players (VSTARs). If you are interested in becoming a VSTAR, please see the following article.

Who are the Member Pluses?​

  • Experts
  • Pros
  • Helpers
  • Fans
  • Friends

The Member Plus Program is​

  • Your way of getting in on the fast-paced action of Voobly.
  • Your way to participate on Voobly by making friends, having fun, and sharing your gaming knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Your way of helping shape Voobly into the best community and gaming site on the Web.

What are Member Plus Committees?​

According to your individual areas of expertise and interest, Member Plus has three distinct committees that you can join. Each Member Plus is allowed to join one Committee. These Committees are:
  • Game Specific Committee — Dedicated to fielding game-specific user questions.
  • Technical Support Committee — Dedicated to assisting users in the Help Room and technical “problem solving” on Voobly.
  • Tournament Committee — Dedicated to helping users create and monitor tournaments.
These Committees are self-governed by Member Pluses and mediated by a Committee Lead. Your Committee membership will allow you to become more deeply involved in the areas of Voobly you find the most exciting. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet some like-minded gamers!

You can choose the Committee that you would like to affiliate with when you complete Level 1.

What are the Requirements for Joining the Member Plus Program?​

In order to become a Member Plus, all you need is a love for gaming and helping fellow players. You also need to be 18 years of age or older and be in good standing. Member Plus membership is open to all Voobly members of every skill level — gaming newbies and aficionados alike. There is no time commitment and how involved you choose to be is entirely up to you.

Becoming a Member Plus is easy. In order to do so, please stay tuned to Member Plus HQ for more information on when open enrollment will begin.
  • In our community, we’ll ask you to read some orientation material about Member Plus privileges and how to use them.
  • Complete the Interest Form provided on our community website, including your name, Voobly name, desired Committee affiliation, and preferred e-mail address. Note: the Interest Form will only be available during Open Enrollment. Please check back to Member Plus HQ often in order to find out the dates and times of Open Enrollment.
  • That’s it! Once you receive a notification that you have been accepted, you will be a Member Plus and can begin interacting with your selected Committee! – In addition, we’ll be holding several optional Q&A sessions where you can get answers to questions you may have about Member Plus privileges.
If you have any further questions about the Member Plus program, please read our FAQ or see our Orientation pages.
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