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Your Most Important Privilege – Voice

As a Member Plus you will have privileges available to you to help you make Voobly the best gaming site possible. With these privileges however, there comes an added level of responsibility. If it is determined that any privileges were abused, as described by Voobly’s Code of Conduct, the membership in the Member Plus program will be revoked. Furthermore, Member Pluses are subject to the same Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, as with all Voobly Community Members. If a Member Plus violates either the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use, they will be dealt with as any other Voobly players, and their status as a Member Plus can be revoked.

The only privilege you will have as a Level 1 Member Plus is your Voice. You will also have a “+” by your name to denote membership in the Member Plus program.


Your Voice is the most important privilege available. Your Voice can help you mediate situations, help users, and make new friends! Voice is manifested by what you type on the screen while on Voobly. As people cannot hear the intonations of your actual voice, what you type online is very important, for that is what users will see. For example, short, curt, one word replies are often perceived as being rude, online. Likewise, typing in all CAPITAL LETTERS is considered rude, as that is the online equivalent to shouting. When interacting with users online, it is best to avoid behaviors that are considered rude – remember that you, “Catch more flies with honey”.

Your Voice is how you present yourself to other players on Voobly. Are you the chatty/friendly type or are you terse and gruff with your responses? Do you make others relaxed when you talk with them or are other users up tight and silent when you are around? These reactions by players on Voobly are totally dependent on your Voice.

Another way of thinking about Voice is that it is a way of explaining to a user why a particular behavior is objectionable in attempt to stop that particular action. Often times, if a person realizes that a certain action is “bad” they will no longer continue that behavior. One thing to remember, try and be specific as to why a particular action is objectionable. For example, when trying to use your Voice with a flooder, you could explain that flooding is bad because it prevents other users from interacting with one another and also prevents them from finding others to play against in a certain game.

Not only will use of Voice be helpful in stopping objectionable behavior, by educating users as to why their actions are contrary to the Code of Conduct, you will be helping to prevent future infractions. This serves to “save the player” and it helps to make the overall experience on Voobly, better for all users.

When interacting with other users on Voobly, it is best that you be yourself. As you already know, it is often easy to distinguish between those users who are telling the truth and those feeding you a line. People will appreciate your honesty and openness with them. Of course, you should only engage other users as determined by your own comfort level and your personal willingness to interact. Set your own boundaries and others will respect them.

Remember that as a Member Plus, if you so choose, you can assist other players with their inquiries and questions to the best of your ability. If you are uncomfortable with a particular situation, or unsure of how to respond to a user, do not hesitate to ask other Member Pluses or the Online Hosts (denoted by “@voobly”) since they are there to assist you and all Voobly users.

To get additional tips on how to use your voice, it is best to interact with other Member Pluses. For more information, contact your committee lead.


Along the same lines as your VOICE, it is important to have respect for everyone on Voobly, regardless of perceived age, race, religion, Member Plus status, etc. While there are certainly many differences among all the players on Voobly, we are all united by the passion for gaming. If users perceive disrespect from you, your experiences online will not be very pleasant. You can be guaranteed that they will tell one of their friends, who in turn tells one of their friends, and pretty soon, you have a whole group of people making your online experience difficult. Remember that respect leads to respect, and disrespect leads to disrespect. If you are trying to make the online gaming experience better for all Voobly users, treat everyone with equal respect, and in turn, you will experience the same.

Rough Rooms​

If you have been on Voobly for awhile, you are probably thinking, “Respect is all fine and good, but what about all those rough rooms where the users hate any sort of authority figure?” Indeed, that is a very good question, as there are certain groups of users who have it in for Member Pluses. In situations such as this, it is important that you keep a calm head, thick skin, and treat everyone with respect as you would in another room. It may also be a good idea to ask another Member Plus to come in and assist you when trying to reason with a rough room. Not only can another person serve as an effective backup, just having a different approach to the room could help calm things down. Remember that VOICE and RESPECT will be the best privileges available to you. Mutes should only be utilized in extreme cases, and boots should be used rarely, if ever. Lastly, remember that the Member Plus program is to allow you to have fun and try and make Voobly a better place. If you are uncomfortable because of a certain room, by all means go to a different room, or take a break from the computer if you need to.
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