Lobby Commands for Tournament Hosts

For those who don’t want to participate in the Member Plus program, we still want to offer the opportunity to help contribute to the Voobly community. As Tournament Host you won’t be affiliated with the Member Plus program, but you will have access to most of our tournament tools in designated function rooms, which will make it easier for you, to host unofficial league, ladder and group events on Voobly. You may also choose to award prizes, assign Streamers who broadcast your event or even start streaming yourself, the choice is up to you.

Before applying, please click “Back” in your browser and read the Become a Tournament Host page.

Command Example Explanation
/msgbox username message /msgbox Bill Please join game #1. A grey pop-up box will appear on Bill’s screen saying “Please join game #1”. Bill will then have to click the OK button in the box before continuing with whatever he was doing before.
/warn username message /warn Bill Please stop trash-talking. The warn command sends a canned warning message to the user advising them that they are violating Voobly’s Code of Conduct saying “Please stop trash-talking”. Like the message command, it requires the user to click the “OK” button on the warning prior to performing other actions in the lobby.
/welcome message /welcome Welcome to the […] When such a command is issued, all users entering the tournament lobby will see the set welcome message.
/mute5 username reason /mute5 Bill flooding By issuing that command, the user named Bill will be prevented from chatting in the main lobbies throughout Voobly. Bill will still be able to play games and chat in private, though he cannot chat publicly for five minutes. Keep in mind, that the player will still be able to chat in any game room.
/gamekick username # reason /gamekick Bill 1 disqualified This command will allow you to kick players from a game room without being host. The command will close the game room window on Bill’s screen without prior notice. This command does not work if a game is already in progress. Only Member Pluses can kick players from game room during a game.
/streamdisable username /streamdisable Bill This command will reverse Bill’s previously issued command “/streamlive on” and remove the red streaming icon before Bill’s name.
/silence on/off /silence on
/silence off
This command will silence the public chat of a game lobby and all players will be muted. Only tournament hosts and Member Pluses will be able to chat in the game lobby. This command is useful to announce tournament rules.
/switchhost username # /switchhost Bill 1 After issuing this command, the user named Bill will become host in game room #1. Please keep in mind that this will only work, if the user named Bill is already present in game #1. The command can also be used to become host of a game room you are currently in.
/forcegame username # /forcegame Bill 1 tournament After issuing this command, the use named Bill will join game room #1.
/managed on/off /managed on
/managed off
This allows you to have moderated chats in your tournament lobby, similar to the Member Plus Help Room. This command is useful for greater events with top-players and streamers.

Other privileges

Along with the lobby commands explained above you will also have access to numerous privileges.

Privilege Explanation
Gamekick Immunity You cannot be kicked by the host of the game.
Group Event Host Your name will be listed in the Host column on the right side of the user list at the top of the lobby window.
Level Upgrade % You will receive a “%” before your name and you will have access to the commands explained above.
Unsilenceable You will still be able to chat in a silenced lobby.
Bold Chat in Game Room Your chat output is bold in game room.
Bold Chat in Game Lobby Your chat output is bold in game lobby.
Edit Game Settings If you hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click the info button next to a game room, you will be able to edit all settings.